6 Ultimate 💯 Top Web hosting Affiliate Programs

Make money by choosing the best web hosting affiliate program. There are many webmasters and bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from commissions by promoting and selling products of different web hosting companies.

But, choosing the best web hosting companies for affiliate marketing is really confusing jobs as many web hosting providers offers a similar job. So, before choosing any affiliate program you must check the conversion ratio of that hosting company.

What does the Conversion Ratio Means?

Conversion ratio means how many people really sign up for the product when a visit to hosting site. So, I would like to tell you According to the survey conversion ratio of InMotion, BlueHost, and SiteGround is approximately 0.4% – 0.7% only and if you are an affiliate marketer of these then you will get 13 – 20 sign up for 3000 clicks.

On other hands if you consider DomainRacer hosting company then their conversion ratio is 7-10% that means you will get 190-320 signup for 1000 clicks.

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Now it depends on your choice, how you would like to earn money. You can choose DomainRacer so that you can easily get, more output – in Less Efforts.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the best web hosting company for affiliate and also the factors that you must consider before choosing a web hosting affiliate programs.

The Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program in 2019

Now days almost all the web hosting companies offer similar payout commission. But it depends on some factors that, which web hosting company to be, choose. So, Lei’s see one by one.

[1 out 6] DomainRacer – Earn Residual Income up to 40% Commission

It is one of the highest paying affiliate marketers because of its easy signup process and Conversion ratio. DomainRacer has the best affiliate program to make money online.

recurring commission affiliate programs

  • Qualitative hosting – earn up to 70% commission for per sell.
  • The conversion ratio is 10-19% which higher among all hosting affiliate program.
  • Earn approximately $400-3000 by just referring clients.
  • Hosting starts at an affordable price $11/year so, everyone want it.
  • Provides an opportunity to earn $200+ bonuses.
  • Trusted Platform to become a successful marketer.

So, by analyzing all these factors you can easily choose DomainRacer for your affiliate marketing

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[2 out 6] SiteGround – Non EIG Affiliate Hosting

SiteGround is one of best web hosting affiliate program and also offers good features. Their high-quality service brings a high conversion ratio.

affiliate program for web hosting

  • Earn $50+ payout for each referral.
  • Good reputation in case of payment.
  • Web hosting cost starts at $3.95/month.

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Cons: Conversion ratio of SiteGround is less as compared to DomainRacer. So, my suggestion is don’t waste your efforts, let them use for another hosting affiliate programs.

[3 out 6] BlueHost – Reliable Hosting but Low Conversion Ratio

BlueHost is very popular for WordPress blogger and has better quality. But promoting BlueHost is difficult as its conversion ratio is low.

  • For each referral get $65
  • Conversion ratio is 0.6% only.
  • Hosting Starts at $3.95/month.
  • For each referral get $65
  • Conversion ratio is 0.6% only.
  • Hosting Starts at $3.95/month

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So, as per my experience, BlueHost is a good choice but you have to do a lot of efforts to earn money.

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[4 out 6] A2Hosting – Good Affiliate Commission but High Cost

It has the best affiliate program for web hosting and its web hosting cost starts at $3.92/month. For beginners, A2Hosting is a good choice to start affiliate marketing.

You can earn $85+ for each sell of its web hosting so, It can be your good choice to earn residual income.

Join A2Hosting Affiliate Program

[5 out 6] DomainRacer – High Paying Affiliate Commission

DomainRacer can be one of the best web hosting affiliate program because of its quality and conversion ratio. DomainRacer is in the list of highest paying affiliate programs.

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In $11/year DomainRacer provides lot features like Litespeed Technology, MagicSpamPro, SSD Storage and free SSL certificate so it’s become the highest choice of the people.

The conversion rate of DomainRacer is 7-10% i.e., much better than other top paying hosting affiliate program. It also provides you the bonus $200+ and you can check the proofs of DomainRacer Affiliate programs.

So according to that, you will get approximately total commission $400 – $3000.

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 [6 out 6] Hostgator – Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Hostgator is one of the top residual income affiliate programs. It offers commission $50+ per referral. But if you compare the conversion ratio of Hostgator and DomainRacer then you will find DomainRacer is the best option to do affiliate marketing earn beyond your expectations.

highest paying web hosting affiliate program

Join Hostgator Affiliate Program


Definitely here you will find the solution to your questions. So choose your best affiliate program for hosting and get the lifetime wealthy income.

If I want to start my affiliate marketing then definitely I will go with DomainRacer as its conversion ratio is very high that is 7-10% so in less effort I can earn more commission.

Have good Luck!