6 Ultimate 💯 Top Web hosting Affiliate Programs

top paying web hosting affiliate programs 2021

Make money by choosing the best web hosting affiliate program. There are many webmasters and bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from commissions by promoting and selling products of different web hosting companies.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs are the best options to earn money simply because of a good commission rate and no any compulsion.

But, choosing the best web hosting companies for affiliate marketing is really confusing jobs as many web hosting providers offers a similar job. So, before choosing any affiliate program you must check the conversion ratio of that hosting company.

What does the Conversion Ratio Means?

Conversion ratio means how many people really sign up for the product when a visit to hosting site. So, I would like to tell you According to the survey conversion ratio of InMotion, BlueHost, and SiteGround is approximately 0.4% – 0.7% only and if you are an affiliate marketer of these then you will get 13 – 20 sign up for 3000 clicks.

On other hand if you consider DomainRacer hosting company then their conversion ratio is 13.11% that means you will get more than 400 signups for 1000 clicks.

profitable hosting affiliate program

Now it depends on your choice, how you would like to earn money. You can choose DomainRacer so that you can easily get, more output – in Less Efforts.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the best web hosting company for affiliate and also the factors that you must consider before choosing a web hosting affiliate programs.

The Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program in 2021

There are so many options for web hosting affiliate programs in India and the world. But keeping trust on any random platform can bring serious consequences. So it is essential to go through the details of the programs very carefully before joining.

Do you have confusion? Here’s a quick list of the top Hosting Affiliate programs in India to sort out your doubt. So pick your best choice  instantly.

[1 out 6] DomainRacer – Earn Residual Income up to 70% Commission

DomainRacer offers a generous and unlimited affiliate program which is open for anyone to join. They offer a wide range of hosting services like dedicated server hosting to fully managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting.

It is one of the highest paying affiliate marketers because of its easy signup process and Conversion ratio. Currently  3700+ affiliate marketers utilize DomainRacer affiliate platform to make money online.

best recurring commission affiliate programs

  • Qualitative hosting – earn up to 70% commission for per sale.
  • The conversion ratio is 13.11% which is higher among all hosting affiliate programs.
  • Earn approximately $400-3000 by just referring clients.
  • Hosting starts at an affordable price of $11/year so everyone wants it.
  • Provides an opportunity to earn $200+ bonuses.
  • Trusted Platform to become a successful marketer.
  • Great Profitable customer acquisition.

If your blog or website drives a huge amount of traffic then promote DomainRacer hosting services. They will give you a chance to earn a high commission 40%-70% as per sale.

 earn huge web hosting affiliate recurring income

Our recent findings says that DomainRacer has the lowest refund ratio 0.24%. That means marketers love to work their Web Hosting Affiliate Recurring Program.

Moreover DomainRacer have a Dedicated affiliate manager team to ensure the guidance for cloud affiliate programs and keep eye on payments of commission regularly. 

So, by analyzing all these factors you can easily choose DomainRacer for your affiliate marketing. Lift up your reputation and get more traffic and sales with an easy to earn money affiliate platform.

Join DomainRacer Affiliate Program

[2 out 6] SiteGround – Non EIG Affiliate Hosting

SiteGround is a user-friendly hosting platform which makes its affiliate program the best choices for bloggers. They designed their reward with a commission volume of $50- $125 per sale which is depending on the number of referrals converted into users.

The other good thing about SiteGround offering performance based commission means you will get commission, even if you refer to one successful sale. 

They have a good affiliate support team to track sales and commission and get the commission payments  weekly.

affiliate program for web hosting

  • Earn $50+ payout for each referral.
  • Good reputation in case of payment.
  • Easy commission based structure

Join SiteGround Affiliate Program

Cons: Conversion ratio of SiteGround is less as compared to DomainRacer. So, my suggestion is don’t waste your efforts, let them be used for other hosting affiliate programs.

[3 out 6] BlueHost – Reliable Hosting but Low Conversion Ratio

Bluehost is one of the widely used EIG companies that offers shared, WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting services .It is the most popular hosting choice which offers really good commissions to its affiliate promoters.

The top paying affiliate platform of BlueHost offers a quick sign up process. Allows instant access to your affiliate account with free resources. So it is very easy to start a promotion.

But promoting BlueHost is difficult as its conversion ratio is only 0.6% which is very low as compared to other affiliate hosting companies.

Let’s see some useful features of Bluehost affiliates:

  • For each referral get $65
  • Super Tracking of Sales 
  • Excellent guidance and support
  • Low Reversals

web hosting reseller affiliate programs

So, as per my experience, BlueHost is a good choice but you have to put in a lot of efforts to earn money.

Join BlueHost Affiliate Program

[4 out 6] A2Hosting – Good Affiliate Commission but High Cost

A2 hosting is a leading hosting solution provider for well optimized hosting plans starts at $3.92/month. It is a good  choice to start affiliate marketing for beginners as they can easily sell their high speed hosting to a blogger’s audience.

You can earn up to $125 for each sale of its affiliate web hosting plan  so, It can be your good choice to earn residual income.

  • Commission Up to $125 per sale
  • Cookie life:90 days
  • A/B Testing Landing Pages
  • Responsive Affiliate Program Management
  • Monthly Payments

Join A2Hosting Affiliate Program

[5 out 6] DomainRacer – High Paying Affiliate Commission

DomainRacer can be one of the best web hosting affiliate program because of its quality and conversion ratio. DomainRacer is in the list of highest paying affiliate programs.

free affiliate web hosting companies

In $11/year DomainRacer provides lot features like Litespeed Technology, MagicSpamPro, SSD Storage and free SSL certificate so it’s become the highest choice of the people.

The conversion rate of DomainRacer is 7-10% i.e., much better than other top paying hosting affiliate program. It also provides you the bonus $200+ and you can check the proofs of DomainRacer Affiliate programs.

So according to that, you will get approximately total commission $400 – $3000.

Join DomainRacer Affiliate Program

 [6 out 6] Hostgator – Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Hostgator is one of the top residual income affiliate programs. It has also a performance-based commission structure which offers a high volume of conversions and commission ranges at $50 – $125 per referral. 

highest paying web hosting affiliate program

But if you compare the conversion ratio of Hostgator and DomainRacer then you will find DomainRacer is the best option to do affiliate marketing earn beyond your expectations.

Join Hostgator Affiliate Program

It is very easy to earn passive residual income from web hosting affiliate marketing. Let’s have a look on some key questions which people are thinking about affiliate web hosting deals.

FAQ:  Unlimited Web Hosting Affiliate Program Reccuring Commission

 1. Why prefer Web Hosting Affiliate Platform?

It is very simple to become a web host affiliate but the tricky and most difficult part is choosing a web host affiliate program in terms of best paying residual income or commission. Let’s see some reasons as below:

  • It’s a genuine basic approach for quick earning with no responsibilities towards anybody. 
  • Low costs or besides no costs or framework prerequisite 
  • Your prestige is not at cost. Moreover, get profit without anything at stake of expense.

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent platform to earn money with no any investment

2. What are the steps for joining the Affiliate Program?

DomainRacer shorten the process of joining and make it very simple and easy .Affiliate marketer need to follow only 3 step are as follows:

  • Sign-Up: Quick Sign-up with a few clicks. Get access to your personal affiliates panel after filling the required details.
  • Promote: Create Share affiliate links using promotional banners, exclusive discount offers, campaigns. And share them through your blogs, website or social mediums 
  • Start Earning Commission: You know that as we discussed earlier they have a fixed commission range as per the sale made.

Earning high paying commissions totally depends on your efforts to bring the numbers of quality referrals. 

3. What are the ways to promote web hosting affiliates?

You can promote any Hosting Affiliate efficiently. Here I am sharing some tips for newcomers 

  • Write Hosting review: Write a superb review of hosting which you would like to promote with complete details and technical specification. Add some strong points why you recommend it. It is beneficial for your  readers to pick the top most web hosting company.
  • Put Hosting Banner: You can get a promotional banner by your affiliate program provider. Or you can also create a custom and attractive  ad banner hosting affiliate and put it on your site or blog.
  • Hosting Discount coupon: To enhance the sale all the hosting companies offer a discount coupon. You can track the latest hosting discount coupons and share it with your readers by blog Post, Email or social media channels. Definitely you will get a referral from there.        You can also create your own custom coupon by keeping coupon code close to your brand name.
  • Create Comparison of hosting sites: Hosting comparison sites is the most popular way to pick the best host. Really it is very difficult to choose a genuine one, But if  you  create an honest site, great comparison on the basis of their specification with prices. This  will absolutely work for getting the perfect host for your viewers.

best web hosting affiliate marketing

4.What are the top Paying hosting affiliate platforms for residual income?

The best affiliate programs for web hosting are usually DomainRacer, SiteGround, Bluehost and HostGator. Choose the one most fits to your audience in terms of pricing, speed, support, and features they need.

DomainRacer offers an opportunity to earn $2500+ Credit Bonus based on leads and has the highest commission available 40%-70% per referral. This is one of the only hosting affiliate programs offering recurring commissions.


Affiliate marketing works remarkably well for bloggers.Definitely here you will find the solution to your questions. So choose your best affiliate program for hosting and get the lifetime wealthy income.

If I want to start my affiliate marketing then definitely I will go with DomainRacer as its conversion ratio is very high , 13.11% so in less effort I can earn more commission.

Are you a blogger or entrepreneur? In search of joining a high paying web hosting affiliate program? Signup with DomainRacer and enjoy the amazing benefits of high residual income 

Have good Luck!