Top White Label VPS Reseller Hosting [2021] – Best is Number #1…!

best white lable vps reseller hosting providerIn Today’s competition every hosting provider is looking for better industrial growth by acquiring more customers and web space for their customers. And to make it happen you need to set up your hosting business with the best and cheapest white label vps reseller hosting. 

VPS Reseller Hosting:- It is the ability to resell your own hosting services to other customers. It gives you all administrative rights where you can perform all the high authority operations.

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If you are looking for custom hosting  providers who are able to fulfill your needs on demand then I have come up with the best choice for you. DedicatedCore – most popular cheap VPS reseller in the market.

So let’s take a look at their plans that come with robust features and specifications.

Why should you have to buy Best VPS Reseller WHM Hosting Plans:-

Configure your server with the advanced technologies and offer fast processing hosting services to your clients at DedicatedCore.

affordable vps reseller hosting platform
  • A giant amount of discount offers up to 25%
  • High-quality top VPS service solutions
  • WHMCS module billing system software
  • Secure and hassle-free services
  • Tier 4 reliable data center with high 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 instant tech support

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The offer a variety of services and tools to create a business solution infrastructure. Their standard VPS, KVM Linux VPS, KVM VPS Windows, Storage VPS and VPS whmcs module plans will definitely be beneficial to you.unlimited vps reseller hosting plans

DedicatedCore offers low cost VPS reseller plans in different regions of Asia  like India, UK, USA, Indonesia and South Africa etc. So you can choose any one of them depending upon your requirements. 

Get a massive amount of discount upto 25% depending upon the number of active VPS servers you are running.

It allows you to save your time and money with ready to use fully automated modules,  well included in affordable VPS reseller WHM module.

Now Grab Highest Discount Up To 25%

Are you interested in using VPS to scale up your business? Here are some reasons, why you should go with DedicatedCore white label VPS reseller platform:-

  1. Cost Saving Prices:- VPS packages cost is more affordable than a fully dedicated hosting plan on a physical server.
  2. KVM Virtualization:- KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) is free and open source virtualization enables VPS on independent dedicated resources with server management
  3. Pure White Label Hosting:- You can use fully white-label hosting to sell service to your customers without getting any clue about where you purchasing the services.
  4. Customizable Services:- Plans of VPS can be easily customized and you have to pay only for the resources you need. VPS hosting deals can be easily scaled where you can gradually increase.
  5. On-Time Backups:– Backing up your important data is a very essential part which has to be performed on a regular basis. So we had taken every step to back up your data and take Weekly Backup.
  6. Fully Uptime Guarantee:- DedicatedCore hosts your VPS server with 99.9% online availability commitment. They are highly appreciated for maintaining websites without any possible downtime. 
  7. Fully Managed and Automated:-DedicatedCore offers integrated WHMCS module superior features with lightning blazing fastest speed performance review and instant access to join unlimited cloud VPS reseller hosting plans.
  8. Multi Located  Data Centers:- The main aim of the 4 Tier data center situated globally is to lower down the latency depending on geographical location of the customer for reseller VPS.
  9. Private DNS:-Easy to change VPS hostname and create your own nameservers for branding purposes
  10. Quick Tech Support:-Expert Managers are available for 24/7/365 to help you with all technical installations of server customization and configuration. Ensure quick response with easy way out VPS services.

Considering all the above points…I definitely think that DedicatedCore cloud VPS reseller has all the excellent features which can be helpful for all.

Deploy scalable and Managed VPS within a few seconds on an awesome cloud infrastructure platform.

top rated vps reseller hosting business

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Best Review Experience about DedicatedCore VPS Reseller Platform

You know what how would I know about DedicatedCore. There is a brief history… wait let me tell you…

I started a reseller hosting business and there are too many clients with high traffic… So I decided to move the to the hosting providers who offers unlimited resources. I searched lots of sites on google but no one was there. Then my friend suggests me about DedicatedCore VPS Reseller program business and now my business is a blast in the globe .

You can now join cPanel VPS reseller plans any where from India, UK, USA, Indonesia and South Africa etc.

Let’s have a look on below infografics to understand the best things about reseller hosting with vps server. That will be valuable in terms of your rapid  growth.

best vps reseller hosting reviews 2021

FAQ: Cheap VPS Reseller Hosting Provider 2021

1. What are the reasons to become a VPS Reseller?

Ideal VPS reseller hosting solution combines  power of a dedicated server with the affordability and simplicity. Lets see the advantages:

  • Minimize the expenses of  hardware outlays and concerns
  •  You can focus more time selling as a parent hosting provider, enabling you to create and deploy your custom applications faster.
  • Enhance your product range
  • Offer your customers a more customized white label hosting solution
  • Remote access to controlled your hosting services from anywhere you have an internet connection

2. Who is reselling Cloud VPS services?

Value Added Resellers like DedicatedCore, who are willing to create and deploy cloud application templates quickly within the best server infrastructure. Check out the remarkable cloud VPS reselling plans and features:

  • Enormous discounts upto 25%
  • Easy upgradation of resources whenever requires
  • Integrated WHMCS Module
  • Quick Service Setup
  • Freedom to generate lead with your own brand (branding)
  • Security monitoring with dedicated crew support 

3. Does DedicateCore offer cost effective white label reseller VPS programs?

Yes, DedicateCore allows the reseller to use their own brand on top of the third-party service they resell. Most of the  commercial VPS combined reseller programs are white-label. 

It is a low investment platform to earn more profit because you don’t need to purchase the VPS before selling it. The VPS provider will handle all technical things which helps you  to pay more attention to branding and getting maximum converted leads.

4. What are the steps to join a cheap unlimited VPS reseller hosting plan?

If you have desire to jump into the VPS reselling business, then I am here to explain simple starting process:

  1. Select the best parent hosting provider who have adequate strength to meet your need
  2. Figure out your budget and choose the hosting plan
  3. Sign up and get the access of cPanel
  4. Configure your all reseller Pages
  5. Start reselling VPS hosting 

DedicatedCore offers discounts of 5%-25% on  10 to 71+ active VPS respectively.

Important End: Best VPS Reseller Hosting Reviews

If you are thinking to starting a linux VPS reseller hosting business..?? Then I only recommend DedicatedCore is a very good platform for your business, they provide excellent VPS services and also their plans are very cheap.

They have better capabilities to take care of numbers of websites and remain unaffected by heavy traffic. They offer well optimized reseller VPS server management at fair prices

For your kind of information, is well known for the best reselling VPS  hosting and the highest discount level provider in the world.

I hope so you like this information about the best VPS Reseller hosting business…if you think this information helpful then must like it.