DomainRacer vs BlueHost – Best Factors to Choose

domainracer vs bluehost web hosting company

I have a lot of different sites, on a lot of different servers. But there is one of my favorite companies for a long time was DomainRacer. They were 21x faster than other services and provide great support.

In this article we are going to discuss about difference between DomainRacer and BlueHost with reference to their feature and hosting Plans.

Let’s See Some Summarized Points of This Article Here:

I heard about DomainRacer from a friend and decided to look into the options they have. I like this company because it is a cloud hosting company. The cloud has increased over the last few years.

The advantages it offers with different forms of storage, couldn’t we benefit from it in the form of hosting?

I like the idea of cloud hosting because it’s more dependable than traditional companies like DomainRacer and BlueHost.

Performance of DomainRacer vs BlueHost-

In web hosting services, performance is very important. A fast web hosting provider can increase the speed of your website. Switching your website over to a faster web hosting service can give your website an effective speed. DomainRacer and BlueHost offer faster speed.

domainracer vs bluehost  performance comparison

DomainRacer Page Load Time:

DomainRacer servers run on Intel Xeon E5-2640 4.1 GHz processors you sign up for their services.

domainracer speed performance

BlueHost Page Load Time:

BlueHost runs on AMD power centers and uses CPU segregation technology that allows it to intelligently control the CPU and protect your website against viruses and spam attacks.

domainracer better than bluehost in speed performace

In this above classification it is clear that DomainRacer is best alternative to BlueHost in terms of loading time.

DomainRacer vs BlueHost Frame by Frame Comparison:

domainracer vs bluehost hosting companies

Performance of DomainRacer and BlueHost –

domainracer vs bluehost cloud server performance plan

 In terms of performance, DomainRacer web hosting provider is a better web host than BlueHost.

Features of DomainRacer vs BlueHost-

DomainRacer and BlueHost both companies offer Linux Hosting. Both companies have an access to a free drag and drop site builder.

While both companies offer Auto-installer programs with their hosting accounts. This 1 click app installer helps users to install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. with a single click. This auto installer will install selected script and will make your website ready.

Usability of DomainRacer vs BlueHost-

DomainRacer and BlueHost both web hosting providers use the cPanel for their server. You are signed up and get a place to make your website in this. So you can get the dashboard to start your website with add domains, install WordPress, and manage your database.

In the beginning you can build a website, you need an easy setup and you probably don’t plan to change anything in the near future then BlueHost is right for you.

If you are looking for long term usability then I will advise DomainRacer is better than BlueHost.

Support of DomainRacer vs BlueHost-

Customer support is very important in web hosting to solve problems of customers. Based on my experience with both companies- I have found DomainRacer support is great and BlueHost support is good. BlueHost support team waited several minutes on the phone and DomainRacer team solved the problem instantly.

domainracer vs bluehost technical support

BlueHost and DomainRacer both web hosting providers provide round the clock support for the client through live chat, phone, and email.

In addition to everything else, DomainRacer has and provide video tutorials.

If you don’t have technical knowledge or a newbie this will help you to learn more about web hosting.

Plans-Pricing of DomainRacer Vs BlueHost:

DomainRacer is one of the stable and cheapest hosting companies,  providing unbeatable hosting prices in the market that everyone can afford. They have different web hosting plans like Basic, Personal Silver, and Advanced. Here are the most recommended hosting plans.

Let’s compare DomainRacer and BlueHost for their basic plans and pricing on the basis of market value.

difference between domainracer and bluhost hosting prices

On differentiation you can understand that DomainRacer offers larger SSD storage space and bandwidth. Superior website performance using Lightspeed technology at least expensive hosting plans than BlueHost

FAQ: DomainRacer Versus BlueHost Review 2021?

 1. Why is it essential to select the best web hosting?

Best user experience is the priority of any blogger or website owner. And web hosting is playing a vital role in the success of your business. Let’s see some crucial factors

  • Security: select the web host that provides all the security features like SSL certificate and spam protection.
  • Support: Your hosting provider should be always accessible if you have any  technical issue.
  • Backup: Choose a reliable web host, who is able to offer good data backup support for your files.
  • SEO Ranking: The most important thing to be in the top list of Google SERP is the presentation of your website in respect of its speed. Best web host optimized website performance very well.
  • Revenue: If your website has more downtime, you lose your efficient user and revenue too.

2. What are the Benefits of DomainRacer over BlueHost?

Here I will tell you why people like DomainRacer’ services and you should you also go for it

  • Litespeed Technology to make the website loading time less and very faster. It is very important factor your brand visibility
  • Good cyber attack control measures by using 7+ security tools like ModSecurity, Magic spam pro , DDoS Protection, firewall, etc
  • Reliability and 99.99% uptime promise 
  • Take care of all technical aspects. Faster and friendly support for customer 
  • Free .in (or) .Com Domain with advanced hosting package
  • Competitive lower hosting services cost
  • SSD based hosting with limitless bandwidth 

DomainRacer VS BlueHost Conclusion-

DomainRacer and BlueHost are best web hosting provider companies with few differences.

If you are looking for 21x faster speed and tight on budget and would need Phone Support extensively, then go for DomainRacer.

If you are willing to pay a premium, then go for BlueHost.

And the overall best web hosting is


Why is DomainRacer the better? Well, first of all, they have better speed ratings and better uptime based on totally objective factors, not my opinion at all. Those are two of the absolute most important factors when choosing a web host.

Domainracer is the only hosting company in India providing competitive fair prices with highest quality service. I genuinely recommend them from my experience and customer reviews.

It is the best return of your money and the plans start as low as 59 ($0.81) per month.

In terms of customer support and ease-of-use, DomainRacer is great. BlueHost is not a bad choice, I just believe they really show in the quality of their support and the way that they manage their servers.

That said, if you’re trying to decide between DomainRacer and BlueHost for web hosting, it’s my strong opinion that DomainRacer is the way to go.